Business Modeling for Startups

Business Modeling for Startups (Semantic Web Seminar, AIFB at KIT)

Business Modeling for Startups (Semantic Web Seminar, AIFB at KIT)

This week I had the wonderful chance to talk to students and nascent entrepreneurs about the topic of business models (view my “Business Modeling for Startups” slides)

On Tuesday, October 30th, I was invited by Felix Leif Keppmann and Daniel Herzig of AIFB (at KIT) to speak on “Developing Business Models for the Semantic Web” in their seminar course. It was the first lecture in the course and I took about an hour to introduce the basic concepts of Business Model Canvas (Osterwalder), Customer Development (Steve Blank), Lean Startup (Eric Ries), Running Lean (Ash Maurya), Red vs. Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim and Mauborgne), and how business models are related to actual business plans. In order to give the audience a better idea of how the use of resources for planning and designing should be related to the amount of risk a startup is faced with in its different stages, I came up with my first little model I call “appropriate planning”.

In my second talk yesterday, November 2nd, I spoke in front of around 50 people at the Startup Live Karlsruhe event, which was organized by KIT’s Student Association for Entrepreneurs, the PionierGarage, at the venue of CyberForum. I will also mentor teams over the weekend and be part of the jury for the final pitches on Sunday which is great because I get to meet with other experiences entrepreneurs and business angels who also mentor. I cut out some parts of the presentation to stay within my allotted time slot of 15 minutes and was met with a lot of encouragement. I had an especially interesting conversation with Martin Welker, software developer, CEO and co-founder of Axonic. We discussed the problem of developing reliable and significant metrics to measure how your startup is doing at any given time. An interesting approach is surely the one of vanity metrics vs. actionable metrics by Eric Ries, but we decided there is still a lot more work to be done and I want to explore further in the coming weeks…

Have a great weekend everybody!


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    • We definitely should, I am very interested! How far are you into the topic? Let’s meet up and see how for you’ve gotten. Maybe we can take your thesis and work towards publishing a paper together, if you want…


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